Choosing an Estate Sale Service/Coordinator can be very confusing. You probably haven’t done it before and likely won’t do it again. What should you look for? What are the keys to finding the right Estate Sale Conductor to help you accomplish your goals?


The primary Attributes of a Top-Notch Estate Sale Consultant can be summed up in KICK. Just as diamonds have the 4 C’s (Cut, Color Clarity, Carat), An Excellent  Estate Sale Coordinator should have K-I-C-K.

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** Integrity




KNOWLEDGE– It is essential that your Estate Sale Consultant has a deep KNOWLEDGE of the secondary market (Antiques/Vintage/Used Goods) and the values of such. You are depending on this person to have the KNOWLEDGE be able to effectively differentiate between $5 Kmart Wall Art and a 19th Century Oil Painting. It also necessary for your Estate Sale Conductor to be familiar with CURRENT values as many things that were ignored 5-10 years have become quite valuable and conversely , things that were sought after and highly valued 10-15 years have now fallen from favor and do not command the prices they once did. The only way to acquire this KNOWLEDGE is through long term and Immersive experience in the world of Antiques/Vintage/Used Goods. We have 50 years of experience-based KNOWLEDGE and are daily immersed in this very specific world.

INTEGRITY –  it is fundamental to the client/provider relationship that you feel you are able to trust your Estate Sale Coordinator. You are tasking them with the liquidation of your family’s heirlooms and granting them access to your loved one’s home. It is    necessary that you perceive  INTEGRITY in their manner, actions and history. INTEGRITY dictates a truthful and complete reporting of sales and expenses surrounding your Estate Sale. Also, It is not unusual for the Estate Sale preparation team to unearth envelopes of cash or hidden Jewelry while preparing for your sale. It is necessary that the Estate Sale Conductor has the INTEGRITY to remand these items to you,  the executor.  INTEGRITY fosters trust and it absolutely necessary that you are able to trust your Estate Sale Consultant.

Syracuse area Estate Liquidators Ltd has a long history of INTEGRITY and honesty.

COMPASSION – An Estate Sale is not just the sale of merchandise. It may well be the dissolution of your childhood or the Monetization of generations worth of memories. You will want an Estate Sale Consultant who has the COMPASSION to understand this perspective.  To a buyer, these may be “items”. To you, they are Christmas Mornings and Family Sunday Afternoons.
Find an Estate Sale Conductor with the COMPASSION to recognize your emotion in connection with this.  COMPASSION must also be exercised with Family photos and other personal correspondence unearthed during the set up process. A good Estate Sale Planner will understand that these items may be of untold value to you and will treat them as such. This may well be an emotionally turbulent time for you, your Estate Sale Coordinator needs to have the COMPASSION to understand that and do their best to steady you rather  than add to your worries.

We have been there. We have experienced what you are experiencing. We empathize and understand the emotional difficulties of liquidating an estate.

KNOW-HOW –   hosting a Successful Estate Sale is an Art. It requires the type of KNOW-HOW that is gained primarily through experience .  There is a finesse in properly staging items for sale. There is skill necessary to walk the fine line of pricing things to sell quickly while protecting the client’s financial interest. There is an aptitude necessary to properly network the sale among prospective dealers and collectors to ensure the greatest outcome possible. All of these thing require KNOW-HOW.  It is KNOW-HOW that foresees obstacles and removes them before they happen. It is KNOW HOW that predicts the staffing necessary for your sale and ensures it is adequate prior to the day of sale. In this day and age it also necessary that your Estate Sale Coordinator possesses a Technological KNOW-HOW and is not intimidated by online Advertising or internet based Payment and accounting systems.

We have been expanding our KNOW-HOW continuously for 50 years

Choosing an Estate Sale Conductor can be a very tricky process. To make it easier, start by KICK-ing it!

If you are considering an Estate Sale, Call us for a FREE CONSULTATION (315-345-0269) and let’s discuss what our company can do to help you realize you goals for your loved one’s estate

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a 40+ veteran of the world of Antiques and Collectibles. I have been studying old stuff for a very long time. I've been involved in Antiques shops, Antiques malls, Antiques shows, Auctions, Flea Markets, Appraising and more. I've written newspaper columns on Antiques, blogged about Antiques. I've lived that life and I've learned a ton. Now, I want to share all that knowledge with YOU. There is a method to the madness of the Antiques and Collectibles field and there is a process for gaining the MOST knowledge in the shortest period of time. I want to share that process with you.

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