Classes Begin 2/10/2021 and run through 4/07/2021 (Wednesday evenings 7PM EST)Tuition for 8 One Hour classes is $150 (includes weekly PDF email) the 8 week Syllabus includes: Wk 1 – What IS an Antique/ Beginning Eye Training Wk 2 – Understanding Historic Styles Wk 3 – Pottery & Glassware Pt1 Wk 4 – Pottery &Continue reading “ANTIQUES and COLLECTIBLES CLASSES BEGIN 2/10/21”

Five Mistakes EVERYONE Makes When Dealing With an Estate

5. UNDERESTIMATING HOW DIFFICULT AND DRAINING IT WILL BE The estate you’re attempting to clean out is not only full of objects but also filled with memories. Those memories, whether pleasant or unpleasant will be more unexpected and draining than planned. 4. UNDERESTIMATING HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE  Know this: there are a LOT moreContinue reading “Five Mistakes EVERYONE Makes When Dealing With an Estate”