Classes Begin 2/10/2021 and run through 4/07/2021 (Wednesday evenings 7PM EST)
Tuition for 8 One Hour classes is $150 (includes weekly PDF email)

the 8 week Syllabus includes:

Wk 1 – What IS an Antique/ Beginning Eye Training

Wk 2 – Understanding Historic Styles

Wk 3 – Pottery & Glassware Pt1

Wk 4 – Pottery & Glassware Pt II

Wk 5 – Metalwork

Wk 6 – Precious Metals/Jewelry

Wk7  –  Furnishings

Wk 8 –  Primitives, Oddities, Requests

You will receive an Invoice with secure online payment instructions after submitting registration.

Registration is not complete until payment is received

Published by Rich Deacons

a 40+ veteran of the world of Antiques and Collectibles. I have been studying old stuff for a very long time. I've been involved in Antiques shops, Antiques malls, Antiques shows, Auctions, Flea Markets, Appraising and more. I've written newspaper columns on Antiques, blogged about Antiques. I've lived that life and I've learned a ton. Now, I want to share all that knowledge with YOU. There is a method to the madness of the Antiques and Collectibles field and there is a process for gaining the MOST knowledge in the shortest period of time. I want to share that process with you.

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